Our Process

  1. Initial & On-Going Discovery

Sitting down with you and your family, we take the time to understand your unique goals, issues, and to learn more about your concerns around your wealth and your life. What are your plans and goals? What are the risks and opportunities most relevant to you? How do you currently address these matters? What should change?

  1. Building a Foundation

Once we begin learning where you are, we will develop a game plan tailored specifically to your goals. We will collaborate with you and your other tax and legal advisors to consider your values, tax and estate issues, risk factors or other unique needs.

  1. Advanced Planning

Extending beyond investments, we will help you take deliberate steps to address your most pressing concerns.  Advanced planning helps you address areas such as business succession or charitable giving plans or helping you facilitate family meetings to prepare your loved ones for potential inheritance.  All of this is done to help you accomplish what's most important to you. 

  1. Tracking Progress

As life circumstances change, your plan needs to adjust with it. We make ourselves available whenever needed to meet with you and review what’s on your mind. We want to talk through how we can continue to best help you stay on track.

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