<b>Robust Features on a Secure, Mobile Platform</b>

Robust Features on a Secure, Mobile Platform

RightCapital has partnered with Planning+ to provide a client portal designed with the robust features you need to stay connected to your finances, goals, and important documents. Your secure personal website is available via desktop or mobile, and it allows you to track your progress against the goals set by you and your financial advisor. And, perhaps most importantly, you never have to worry about your information being shared with online advertisers and other service providers.

Your client portal provides you with:

  • Tracking of all net worth with asset and liability balances updated daily
  • Alerts to keep you aware of significant transactions and changes in balance
  • Investment analysis on all of your investment assets
  • A budget tool to track and prioritize your spending
  • Reports on net worth, cash flow, asset allocation, and more

You’re just a click away from everything you need, whenever you want it, from wherever you are.